Custom Bespoke Services

Hailed by The New York Times, Town & Country, South China Morning Post, Tatler and even contemporary literature, K. S. SZE & SONS JEWELS owes a large share of its long success to its start-to-finish Bespoke Services. In truth, deep connections with clients around the world are built upon a founding value of client-centered service. From the beginning, the mission has always been the same: We seek to make jewelry that is deeply loved, that is genuinely connecting, that reflects the beauty of the wearer. Alongside our friends and clients, our bespoke design is an endless source of happiness for our team.

How it Works

1. Getting in touch 

The bespoke process begins with an initial consultation where we will discuss your preferences for style, gemstone, colour, and budget. We may ask you to send us pictures to help us understand your vision better.

2. Finding the right stone

Once we have a clear direction for the design, and agreed on the price, we will assist you in finding the right gemstone for your piece. You may choose from our gemstone selection, or we will search for the perfect stone that meets your specifications. If you are confident with a particular stone and ready to move forward with the bespoke journey, we will take a 50% deposit for the estimated cost of the design we have briefly discussed. Please note that all deposits made are non-refundable.

3. Refining the Design

After confirming the stones, we will refine the design and provide detailed visuals such as photos of the stone combination. At this point, you will have a good understanding of how the final piece will look.

4. Produce

Once the design has been confirmed, we will begin crafting the piece. Due to the handmade nature of our pieces, we may not be able to provide the most accurate measurements, but we guarantee that each bespoke piece is truly one-of-a-kind and non-replicable.

5. Final

We will send you a photograph of the final piece for approval. If you are happy with the outcome, the balance of the order will be cleared, and we will deliver your special piece to you.

Resizing and Repairs

There is nothing too small or too epic that K. S. SZE & SONS JEWELS is not willing to do for clients and friends around the world. Please note that resizing price estimations are based on the individual piece. As a Company, the desire to maintain superior quality and the most protective handling of your jewels is of utmost importance. It has never, ever been our practice in the area of repairs to charge clients above what is necessary to deliver repair needs.