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FABERGE Rainbow Egg Earrings

FABERGE Rainbow Egg Earrings


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REF: 3017/20

These striking Colours of Love Sasha Rose Gold Rainbow Multicoloured Gemstone Egg Stud Earrings feature an array of emeralds, sapphires, garnets, rubies and tsavorites. The earrings are set in 18kt rose gold and are 12x9mm in size. In keeping with Fabergé's fondness for delight and surprise, a hidden Mozambican ruby can also be found at the back of each earring.

The Colours of Love Collection exemplifies ‘A Life in Colour’, seamlessly fusing extraordinary coloured gemstones, artistic ingenuity and exceptional craftsmanship. The collection features Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds from Gemfields' mines.

Gemfields work with local communities, governments and conservation NGOs to ensure every gemstone sold supports health, education and livelihood initiatives, minimises effects on our environment and protects Africa’s biodiversity.


18k Rose Gold 6 Ruby Gemfields Mozambique, total weight 0.05ct 2 Demantoid Garnet, total weight 0.02ct 8 Tsavorite, total weight, 0.07ct 4 Emerald Gemfields Mozambique, total weight 0.04ct 4 Sapphire , total weight 0.04ct 4 Pink Sapphire, total weight 0.04ct 4 Orange Sapphire, total weight 0.04ct 2 Yellow Sapphire, total weight 0.06ct

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