Our Story

Shanghai in 1930s

What began as an orphan boy’s means to survive, has turned into a century-long love affair with community, culture, and the world abroad.

It was the beginning of the 20th century, and Shanghai was slowly becoming the “Paris of the East”. It was also when Sze Kong Shun, an impoverished orphan in the city, took up a gemstone evaluation apprenticeship under the guidance of a kind jeweler, and slowly learned his craft.

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Faithfulness and integrity will lead to bountiful years

Sze Kong Shun’s diligence and keen sense quickly earned him a reputation. In 1923, together with his partner, he opened his first shop on the corner of Nanjing Road and Shanxi Road.

The shop was known as Yuen Fong, with the motto “Faithfulness and integrity will lead to bountiful years.” Sze Kong Shun's high standards and creative designs earned him many patrons. The shop also became an official authorized gem supplier to all of the “Four Great Department Stores” in Shanghai and the powerful gold establishments.

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Four Great Department Stores of Shanghai: (clockwise) Sincere, Wing On, Da Sun, and SunSun.

In the late 1940s, Mr. Sze relocated to Hong Kong and put his name on a tiny, single kiosk in Central district. K.S. Sze & Sons Limited is now officially established.

Beginning of an icon

The single counter stall quickly attracted clients both old and new. Mr. Sze’s reputation for honesty, fair price, kindred care for his clients, and above all, his knowledge and expertise often preceded him. In 1949. K. S. Sze & Sons moved into the prestigious Central Building in Hong Kong.

The Mandarin Hotel building in the 60s.

Representing the best in the business

In 1963, Hong Kong welcomed the grand opening of its tallest building - The Mandarin Hotel (later to become The Mandarin Oriental). Being the most famous 5-star hotel in town, the hotel had in place a rigorous retail selection process, choosing only one shop to represent Hong Kong’s best retailers.

Ultimately, only seven brands were selected to take up residence in this prestigious property, with K.S. Sze & Sons being the only boutique representing the jewelry category. The iconic K.S. Sze & Sons shop has remained in the same address to this day.

History and heritage as our brand ambassador

During a time when many local brands were looking towards famous European and American brands for inspiration, Mr. Sze led the charge to reinvigorate what represented his own culture and people.

Leveraging his knowledge accumulated in China, and using the same rigorous selection standards, and legendary craftsmanship, he was able to delight international audiences and made them fall in love with the best pearls, jade, emerald, and other cultural icons. It has made K.S. Sze & Sons the must-stop jewelry destination in the region.

The famous pearls on the cover of K. S. Sze & Sons’ company catalogue.

Mr. Sze Kong Shun at K.S. Sze & Sons

One Piece Only

Mr. Sze continued to embrace traditions of excellence in Haute Joaillerie, which has inspired him to create a design service known as “One Piece Only” - our custom design service.
Over the years our one of kind pieces has seen many familiar names, from royal houses to international celebrities.

To date, K.S. Sze & Sons continues to create tailor-made, one of a kind fine pieces for international customers, offering collections of bespoke jewelry.

Legacy continues

1997 was a year of change for Hong Kong, as well as K.S. Sze & Sons. Mr. K.S. Sze passed away at the age of 90. His legacy and spirit are now in the good hands of his son Dr. N. D. Sze and daughter, Stephanie Sze.

In a single generation, K.S. Sze & Sons had transformed itself from a curbside kiosk into the jeweler of choice when it comes to representing Hong Kong’s finest.

It is a testament to the industrious immigrant spirit, as the story of K. S. Sze & Sons' story continues into the next century.

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K.S. Sze & Sons continues to represent the best of Hong Kong, and is the premier jeweler for those in the know.