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Maison K.S. Sze


Lavender Jade Rose-Cut Diamond Ring

An exquisitely decorated ring made of white gold, diamonds, and lavender jade has been designed with great care and precision to meet the expectations of even the most demanding ladies. Substantial in size, this lavender jade ring is a perfect statement jewelry piece to any elegant outfit.

- Set in 18K White Gold
- Lavender Jade: 1 piece
- Rose-cut Diamond: 1.98 CTS
- Round Diamonds: 1.13 CTS

Colombian Emerald Sugarloaf Ring

For hundreds of years, emeralds have been associated with female energy, love and purity, and ancient Roman love goddess - Venus. Due to the symbolism of the jewel, the ring will be a perfect gift for a partner, emphasizing the durability of the relationship and the feelings towards her. The deep green shade of the emerald will delight anyone surrounded by a woman wearing it.

- Set in 18K Gold
- Colombian Emerald Sugarloaf with Gubelin Certificate: 6.10 CTS
- Round Diamond: 2.62 CTS 

Pink Spinel Diamond Spiral Ring

Only about 30% of diamonds will glow blue under ultraviolet lights - and this rare ring can do exactly that! Pair this exquisite diamond and rare pink spinel ring with a matching set of earrings for an unforgettable gift for someone special, or to treat yourself.

- Set in 18K White Gold
- Diamond: GIA 3.31 CTS D VS1
- Pink Spinel: 2.40 CTS
- Round Diamond: 1.12 CTS

Royal Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

A single look at this rare 13.92 carat Sri Lankan sapphire will take you into a journey through open seas on a sunny day. The mesmerizing intensity of the blue sapphire endorsed with sparkling diamond and set in platinum makes this one-piece-only ring a piece worth its price.

- Set in Platinum
- Sri Lanka Sapphire with GRS Certificate: 13.92 CTS
- Fancy Shaped Diamonds: 1.75 CTS