Maison - Earrings

Maison K.S. Sze


Natural Fancy Pink Diamond Earrings

Incredibly rare and exceptionally beautiful pink diamonds adorn these flower-shaped earrings. Impressive elegance. These lustrous fancy pink diamond earrings are sure to turn heads with its beauty.

- Set in 18K White Gold
- Fancy Light Pink Diamonds with GIA Certificates: 8.01 CTS
- Round Diamond: 1.00 CTS

Diamond Leaf Earrings

These stylish diamond earrings will appeal to a woman with a refined taste, who values romantic, expressive jewelry inspired by nature. Such design symbolizes femininity, mystery, and beauty - and combined with rare rose-cut diamonds, these vintage earrings delight with attention to detail and precision of workmanship. The accessory can be combined with a matching ring.

- Set in 18K White Gold
- Rose-cut Diamond: 1.86 CTS
- Pear-Shape Diamond: 0.40 CTS
- Round Diamond: 1.67 CTS