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Maison K.S. Sze


Camellia Diamond Brooch

This timeless collection celebrates special lifetime events and memorable moments, aiming to make every woman wearing it to feel like a queen. Beautifully handcrafted, this Camellia Diamond Brooch will bring a smile to the person you like or love so much - including your own.

- Set in 18K Gold
- Yellow Rough Diamond: 38.64 CTS
- Round Diamond: 23.17 CTS

Oracle Bone Script 'Dragon' Brooch

Inspired by the ancient oracle bone script system, this brooch resembles the Chinese character of the “dragon”. This truly unique 18K white gold jewelry piece is decorated with diamonds and 9 pieces of black and white mother-of-pearl. Wear this auspicious dragon symbol as a brooch, or as a pendant, by combining it with a chain.

- Set in 18K White Gold
- Black & White Mother-of-Pearl: 9 Pieces
- Round Diamond : 2.78 CTS

Pink Diamond "Rose" Brooch

This intricately made pink diamond brooch impresses with its original shape and attention to detail. The brooch is made of very rare pink diamonds, symbolizing femininity, romance, and tenderness. The rose, in turn, means passion and love. The brooch will be a perfect gift for a loved one and it will emphasize the fervor of feelings and affection.

- Set in 18K Gold
- Diamond Approx. 8.31 CTS

Auspicious 'Kylin' Jabot Pin

This intricately made jade pin depicts an auspicious Kylin, an ancient creature known to Chinese mythology. For those wearing this jade brooch, goodwill, benevolence, gentleness, and integrity are their core values.

- Set in 18K White Gold
- Lavender Jade: 1 piece
- Oval Sapphire Cabochon: 1.24 CTS
- Round Diamond: 0.49 CTS

Keshi Pearl & Diamond Brooch

Not everyone knows that the history of decorative brooches goes back almost to the Bronze Age. Already then, brooches were used to fasten garments, and floral motifs were as popular as they are now. This particular brooch is made of a rare and luxurious Keshi Pearl and diamonds and can be used easily for everyday and festive attires.

- Set in 18K White Gold
- South Sea Grey Keshi Pearl: 1 piece
- Diamonds: 2.16 CTS

Jade & Diamond Flower Brooch

A joyful jade and diamond brooch in the shape of a flower is an essence of elegance. K. S. Sze & Son’s legacy for designing enchanting brooches began in 1963. Designs that are inspired by both nature and Chinese cultural elements continue to be our unique trademark.

- Set in 18K Gold
- Jadeite: 1 piece
- Round Diamond: 13.59 CTS